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Do you love the idea of the first snow? Or are you dreading the long winter ahead? No matter how you go about the winter months, one thing is certain; you need your car to be ready. As temperatures drop and slippery roads become normal, you want to be ready. From battery life to snow tires and anti-freeze options, our service center has the tools to get your car winter-ready. We recommend you make an appointment even before it starts snowing so you can get where you need to go without hesitation. Winter is tough on cars, but you can make efforts to be tough back.

Best Ways to Winterize Your Car

When you live in St Louis, MO, you can easily prepare for the cold. One of the most recommended changes you can do to your car is switching out the tires for winter ones if you haven’t already done so. While all-season tires do work in the winter, winter tires are specifically made to offer more traction and adaptability. Another heavily affected part of your car during the winter is your battery. When the temperatures are constantly hovering below freezing, it causes your battery to work harder to start. We suggest you check the battery’s life to ensure it starts every time. The last thing you want is to be running late and have your car not start.

Winter windshield wipers are available at our location or in any auto store. These special wipers are equipped with heavier rubber that helps to clear your windshield when heavier precipitation is piling up. You can bring your car into our garage, and we will do a full inspection.

We are ready for winter in Shiloh IL, are you? Give us a call, and we will get you set up for ski season.

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